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  • Gentle combing of the fibre
  • Reduced fibre cuttings
  • Improvement of yarn results
  • Reduction of noil
  • Reduction of fibre laps

The transmission ratio is going to be changed, this creates a new transmission with a defined starting point.Therefore, it is possible to position a starting bar and to use coarse and fine VARIO bars similar to PB-System.

Starting bar:
By using the starting bar the fiber goes softer into the comb. The target is combining the advantages of the ERA machine and the PB combing system.

The transmission ratio of the main shaft and the shaft for the VARIO COMB has to be changed from 1:2,86 to 1:2

For this modification the replacement of a gear is necessary.


All current types of combing machines can be equipped with our ERA Klick-System. More on request.

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